Saturday, January 21, 2006

Randomness Abounds

I realized this evening as a Bad Mood welled up within me that I was frustrated. We have this crappy kitchen faucet. It's too low over the sink, the hot water pressure is crummy so that it takes forever to warm up and then when it does the pressure is even crummier (and we are told that it's the faucet that makes it crummy, since everywhere else in the house it is just fine, fire hoses get envious at our pressure really), and you have to press down on the faucet a certain way to get it to turn all the way off. That last thing is my fault, I was having a fit one day several months ago and slammed the faucet as I was turning it off, but still. I atoned for my sins by suffering in silence for months, grimacing inwardly each time I used the faucet (and I am its major user). I only just told The Old Ball and Chain this very evening about my part in the Great Faucet Disaster of 2005. So is this continued suffering really necessary? And now that we are eating at home more often (since we're both Fat Losers now and it's easier to figure it out at home, plus much cheaper) I am doing dishes all damn day.

So this evening I began to feel resentful and then figured out why, and felt much better after resolving that this faucet's days are numbered. I am going to go pick out a new faucet, maybe next weekend, and ask for the loan of my stepfather in installing it. It will give me a good excuse to clean out the cupboard under the sink as well. I mean, I hardly want to ask Mr. Fixit to come over and do me a huge favor and then have him stick his head in a cabinet that smells of garbage and has coffee grounds sprinkled all over the place inside it (from inaccurate aim in garbage-tossing). I wouldn't mind replacing the sink too but since there's nothing wrong with it other than some very minor staining and general I Just Don't Like It That Much-ness, it's hardly justifiable.

I have another home improvement scheme in the works.
Problem: We got our fence built but not the gates, thus have a blue wheelbarrow on its side blocking one gate opening and a collapsible dog pen blocking the other. Our dogs are so neurotic that this is all it takes to keep them contained. This would have been perfectly acceptable in our old neighborhood although the wheelbarrow would have been stolen on the second night, if not sooner, but it won't do here in Outer Suburbia where everyone takes their trash cans in the minute they get home from work on garbage day and the lawns are all mowed at all times. And edged. Anyway, all of our handier friends are either injured, ill, or too busy to help, I'm no carpenter, and The Old Ball and Chain has too many other things on her plate just now.
Solution: called Kenny the Sidingwallah and asked if I could hire him and Bob to build our two gates some weekend after Feb. 10th (the next payday with enough surplus funds). He agreed that they could do it and huzzah! Problem solved. And, I am keeping it a suprise. My plan is to set him loose with a check and a general description of what we want, plus maybe the gate hardware if I get around to picking some out, and just leave him to it, taking TOBaC away for the day to the beach or have her sister take her out on some lengthy errand or another. Then see if she notices when she gets home! He and Bob should be able to get it done in a day, really.

Adorableness abounds hereabouts. The young one is speaking more and more, all your major animals are identified regularly, requests/demands are made, etc. Cookie! Milk! Frog! Baby! Up! Down! NO NO NO! Etc. She is almost cuddly at times, though she tempers this with excessive fidgeting. Mustn't let the parents get complacent! I am already sad thinking that eventually she will be a big girl and won't fit in my lap or won't want to sit there anymore. No wonder people have more than one.

I'd get into Deeper Thoughts but it's conveniently late and I must go to bed. :)

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